Juliana Snow

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Juliana Snow, BSc

Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (Student)

Currently accepting new clients.
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Juliana uses a strengths-based, practical approach that incorporates neuroscience and evidence-based strategies to help clients make their lives work for them, rather than the other way around. She offers ADHD Coaching to those that experience impairments from ADHD symptoms. She provides practical, hands-on directives to clients and shares tools ADHDers need to: better manage time, sustain productive habits, reduce procrastination, master communication with others and themselves, understand their ADHD, and achieve their life goals. She additionally offers accountability check-in calls between sessions to hold clients accountable for their action plans.

Juliana draws from her insights with her own lived experience with ADHD and supervision with Bernadette Street. She also incorporates training and knowledge from her Sociology undergraduate studies/research and grasps the importance of one's social location (contextual understanding of social identities relating to societal systems, social change, culture, marginalization, and inequality) and how these factors impact client's behaviours and knowledge of self. She also incorporates insights from her ongoing enrollment in the Master of Counselling Psychology Program through Yorkville University.

She is completing the ADHD Practitioner Certification through PESI, and is being directly instructed by experts in the study of ADHD and Psychiatry including Dr. Russell Barkley and Dr. Edward Hallowell.

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