ADHD Coaching

Looking to grow your strategies for coping with ADHD? ADHD Coaches help guide clients toward change with an approach that involves exploring executive dysfunction, life skills, and goal setting. ADHD Coaching sessions are reserved for Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays by appointment only. Typically, clients are seen for ADHD coaching between 1pm and 5pm Tuesdays, and Fridays. 


Coaches work to help you refine your skillset and use resources to enact change in your unique circumstances.

Work with a coach that is motivated to understand YOU.


Client-centred sessions involve adapting to client's unique needs and goals.

No two ADHDers are the same, and treatment should be conceptualized from that perspective.


Delve into the complexities of ADHD neurobiology.

Evidence-based coaching is designed to help clients develop self-compassion and live unburdened by shame.

Why Coaching?

ADHD coaching is designed to address each of the executive functions, inform clients about their unique ADHD brains, teach practical skills on how to cope with stress and demands adaptively, manage time and emotions, build self-awareness, set and meet practical goals, organize themselves mentally and physically, control impulses, and build motivation to initiate tasks.

Typically, this coaching involves a 12-session program with optional 15-minute accountability check-ins between sessions. The program follows a structured approach that addresses each executive function after an introductory and psychoeducation session are complete. The sessions are sequenced to address the most to the least impairing ADHD executive functions over the course of the treatment.

Each session delves into the neurological basis of ADHD challenges, explores client's habits, skills and lifestyles, teaches strategies for managing ADHD-related issues, and collaboratively works toward achieving goals between each appointment. After each session, clients are assigned "homework" which usually involves applying the tools they've learned in their day to day life.

Additionally, there's an option for ongoing coaching sessions. These are less structured and themed and can occur biweekly or monthly for up to a year; these focus on addressing ADHD difficulties that arise between sessions. This ongoing format is suitable for clients seeking a more comprehensive understanding of their ADHD, tackling complex challenges, and developing greater self-compassion towards their ADHD-related struggles.

Clients can choose between the 12-session program or the ongoing coaching format, depending on their specific needs and concerns.


Juliana Snow, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), ADHD-CCSP

Juliana uses a strengths-based, practical approach that incorporates neuroscience and evidence-based strategies to help clients make their lives work for them, rather than the other way around. She offers ADHD Coaching to those that experience impairments from executive dysfunction, are looking to build skills and, or reach their goals. She provides practical, hands-on directives to clients and shares tools ADHDers need to better manage time, sustain productive habits, reduce procrastination, master communication with others and themselves, understand their ADHD, and achieve their life goals. She additionally offers accountability check-in calls between sessions to hold clients accountable for their action plans, if desired. She sees clients between age 16 to 65.

Juliana draws guidance from her insights with her own lived experience with ADHD and ongoing supervision with Bernadette. She incorporates knowledge from her Sociology undergraduate studies and grasps the impact of social determinants that relate to systems, culture, family of origin, income, sexuality, age, and marginalization status. This insight helps Juliana tailor treatment in a way that accommodates for these influences to client's behaviour, their response to life's challenges, and how they think of themselves and the world. She also incorporates insights from her ongoing enrollment in the Master's of Counselling Psychology Program through Yorkville University.

She has completed the ADHD Practitioner Certification through PESI, and was directly instructed by experts in the study of ADHD and Psychiatry including Dr. Russell Barkley and Dr. Edward Hallowell.

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